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let us help / advise with design, specification, budgets, landscaping and working with local trusted suppliers



Bespoke Solution

Contemporary look

Over 30 yrs experience in orangery, conservatory, extension industry

  • - Site assessment
  • - Clarify needs - looks and uses
  • - Produce 2D and 3D plans and sketches
  • - Decide on internal climate control
  • - Produce building specifications
  • - S E England
  • - Explore planning and building regulations, issues
  • - Select best materials – timber, aluminium and/or uPVC
  • - Confirm glazing options
  • - Build / instal suitable structure
  • - Complete surrounding landscape



Old wood framed conservatory about to be replaced by a larger orangery
Construction of the orangery in progress. Orangery base being laid
Landscaping of orangery surrounds is very important
Completed orangery / extension giving 200% more space than before
"I can highly recommend Orangery Solutions ..... I had been confused trying to sort out which supplier's offerings were best suited for my requirements but Simon of Orangery Solutions helped me make the right decision and engage the right people to do the job. Simon is trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable".

Don't be boxed into a corner by a supplier pushing their one product solution.
Let us advise you of the various options open to you and who to go to for what.
Whether your requirements mean you require a conservatory and / or orangery design, sunroom addition ideas, sun room extension designs, garden room extension ideas or a mixture of various designs we at Orangery Solutions can help you get on the right track with your designs and planning.

With the ever improving building methods and materials it is common to design your own space that is neither a conservatory, orangery, verandah, garden room extension etc. Here is a case in point where a light room was required but not too much glass but to be able to see the sky (rather than having the restrictions of a standard shaped orangery lantern) and also brick work was incorporated so it is more like an extension. To begin to 'bring the house together' at the other side of the house rear the kitchen French window was replaced to be matching woodwork and colours and the terrace altered to join the two. See this picture gallery.

More about us
We offer conservatory and orangery designs in West Sussex, East Sussex, West Kent and Surrey. Whether you want conservatory advice; are planning an orangery or are looking at sun room designs or garden room designs or a nice verandah or maybe a mixture we can help. We aim to relieve you of the stress and the mystery of having to match your requirements with what is available and by which company etc.

Drawing on 40 year experience we are experts in conversions and extensions with a host of successful projects completed. We are happy to share our tips on creating the perfect orangery conservatory / extensions. We help with design, drawings, build specifications, planning advice, building and surrounding landscaping.

A typical project follows steps such as:-

- First see the big picture: Try to inject a “wow” factor whilst ensuring the extra space works well for you according to how you want to use it

- Decide how you want to use the extra space: One of the advantages of an orangery is the fact that it can extend an existing room without the same restrictions as a conservatory. For example, if you want to increase the living or dining space of your kitchen, with an orangery, you can open up the whole room into one, but with a conservatory you would need to separate it off with double doors.

Think about the design: Consider all of the details you want for your project. For example do you want a lantern roof, would bi-folding doors work for you? Once it’s finished the little details like where the lighting is placed, the handles on doors and windows and style of glazing can have a significant impact on the overall “feel” of the room.

Don’t be afraid to think modern. Even if you have a Victorian house or character conversion, consider adding a contemporary orangery or similar extension. It can blend with most properties. A well-designed orangery can be both modern and sympathetic to the original style of your home.

Budget: If you are working to a budget, prioritise what’s most important to you about the project and make sure you deliver on those things first.

Consider the value you are adding to your property: Most projects will l add value to your home because you are increasing the amount of year-round living space. Not only do you increase the value of your asset, you get to enjoy that investment every day.

Maximise the value: Kitchens and bathrooms have become much more important to people when it comes to buying a home. If you want to maximise the added value an orangery will bring to your house, think of a kitchen extension. Large, multi-purpose kitchen/ family rooms have become very popular and, particularly if the current space is too small to fit a dining table, can be a good way to make your home more saleable.

- We will help checking your planning rules: You may be surprised to learn that as long as it is under a certain size, and isn’t too close to a boundary, you may not need planning permission. If your home has already been extended, it is likely you will need permission.

- Don’t let your project be restricted by the limited range of options offered by certain contractors. Use our experience to find the best contractors to build  what you want rather than what they can supply.

We usually operate in S.E ENGLAND area of West Sussex, East Sussex, Hants, Surrey and West Kent

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