Bespoke Solution - West Sussex

1. Enlargement of old conservatory and improve back of house view
Brief was to replace 16 year old wooden conservatory with 200% larger structure. To match in the nearby 'French doors' and to redesign terrace to 'pull everything together'

2. Ideas were first established on paper
After a number of attempts a design was acheived  that satisfied both parties in the house! Once on paper then planning permissions applied for and job put out to tender

3. Construction in progress
Building is always a messy inconvenience but with care the process can be made tolerable and even exciting!

4. The completed project job exceeded client's expectations
WOW - The property with its extra long garden can now appreciate the views and enjoy year round sun and have that great space for Christmas entertaining. 
'this is suprisingly cool in the summer due to the solar reflective glass - amazing.'