Gallery of Orangery project build

Before the orangery project was started. Standard sized wooden conservatory

Early ideas sketched out to replace the conservatory with a 300% larger orangery come extension

Completed build of bespoke orangery. Spacious with lovely tall roof to give a 'grand' feel to the orangery / extension

Completed orangery and replacement kitchen door/window area to match and landscaping

Shaping the wall around the round topped orangery windows. Rounded windows add a touch of class to the look of the orangery

Contstruction of one of the many hoppers in the orangery fibre glass roofing

Matching brickwork ... unlike previous extension work on the same house by other builders where bricks did not match

Round topped orangery side windows being surrounded by brick walling

Lovely arched windows. Hard to build but greatly enhance the orangery

Orangery wall insulation. All 'solid' areas of the orangery / extension was throughly insulated

Break through from TV room to new orangery

Fibre glass roofing

Orangery roofing under construction

One of two hand built and presprayed hardwood lanterns for the orangery nearing completion

Main orangery lantern under construction

Quality insulation over orangery concrete slab

Previous French doorway converted to arched internal window

Landscaping around the orangery / conservatory / extension completes the look and use of this wonderful orangery solution

Hidden wiring and under floor heating wet pipe feed

Insulation boards to form warm roof to building regulations thermal values for such orangeries

Orangery floor being laid with limestone tiles

Another image of the good cavity wall insulation

Fibre glass roofing on the orangery

Steels installed

Screeding being installed over the orangery underfloor heating pipes

'Wet' underfloor heating pipes installed over the orangery floor insulation.

Steels framework to support orangery roofs to structural calculations

Traditional lead capping on ridge and hips where the aluminium glazing bars terminate

Evidence of floor sealing and show of rolls of sub tile ready to be installed on orangery floor

Quality coping stones to finish off the orangery parapet walls

Knock through from inside room to adjoin new orangery

Knock through from new oarangery to TV room

Gun injected grouting of the Indian sandstone to an arrow struck shap to finish off the orangery terrace

Quality Indian sandstone paving on terrace outside orangery

Before orangery floor is completed walls and woodwork are painted

Orangery construction often involves builders using your drive if you have one

Bifolding doors fitted to link orangery to TV room

Underfloor heating manifold and connections in airing cupboard

Before left side white doors were replaced to match

Completed terrace area

Reconstructed terrace completes the orangery build project

The orangery design affords worderful views of land and sky

Completed project includes and new bespoke orangery, new kitchen windows and doors and redesigned patio

Interior - The coffee table area of the orangery

Completed orangery showing side door
In this gallery we show pictures of a typical Orangery Solutions project where a standard sized hardwood conservatory was replaced by a larger structure that could be said to incorporate a sun room extension design or an orangeries or a conservatory or indeed a garden room design idea.

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