A lifestyle drawing helps you see your propoased orangery

Orangery / Conservatory drawings are very important as they give you a perfect visual representation of how your final structure will look. But in certain cases, these drawings might also be required for approvals from the authorities in case your conservatory falls under any regulations. At Orangery Solutions, we can provide such plans if necessary.

Although the majority of orangeries / conservatories are usually exempt from building regulations and such required approvals, there are certain circumstances where such an application might be necessary. In these cases, conservatory plans may require approval from the Local Authority that your property falls under.

We can help you steer your way through such forms and submissions for obtaining the required consent and permission making the entire process absolutely seamless for you.

We can create the design of your dream space through an informative drawing with detailed specs from as little as £500. We can produce 2D and 3D plans and sketches to confirm design and also produce building specifications. Needless to say, we can give you the best advice in terms of designs for your orangery. Get in touch with us for more information.