Can a Conservatory be replaced with an Orangery?

If your conservatory is outdated and you need a more solid extension, why not consider converting your conservatory into an orangery.
Your well-loved old or outdated conservatory can be converted into a cutting-edge orangery. This conversion will often be well worth your time and investment as it will give your home a facelift while adding extra space.

We have come across quite a few conservatories that fail to keep up with the demands of a modern home. Older conservatories with lots of older glass systems can be rendered unihabitable during the hot summer months and also the cold winter months due to poor insulation and climate control.
In addition orangeries often come with their classic roof lanterns and great looking timber structures and more brickwork / timbers that can more aptly reflect the look of other rooms in your home as compared to a conservatory which could look more like an addition rather than a part of the house.

As Orangeries fall somewhere between a conservatory and a solid extension, these give you the best of both worlds. If you are contemplating what to do with your outdated conservatory an Orangery in its stead can be a great idea.

At Orangery Solutions we have undertaken such conservatory to orangery projects.

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