Create an Airy and Social Distancing Dining Space in an Orangery Extension

Ever thought of adding an orangery to a kitchen as a dining extension. Having an orangery will not only bring in an abundance of light and space but will also provide a large dining space enabling easy social distancing during meals and gives you a great view of your garden while you prepare or enjoy your meals. In addition a good kitchen adds considerable value to the property which is an added bonus for when you sell in the future.
A kitchen is a space that is not only for cooking, but a whole lot of other things such as dining, working, socializing or helping your kids with their homework and more. An orangery can give you a beautiful and comfortable place that will be fit for everything.
Here is what we feel your orangery/conservatory kitchen or dining should ideally incorporate:
·  Go for a look that will suit the look of your space
·  Go for an uncluttered space and avoid overfilling it. Keep it as light and airy as possible to truly enjoy the feel of an extension
·  Make sure that you get a functional layout designed. Especially if you are planning an eat-in kitchen
·  While you aim for a clutter-free space you cannot overlook storage. Go for intelligent concealed storage spaces
·  Make sure that you give a thought to energy-efficient options

If you are planning such an orangery get in touch with us. We can help you with bespoke design to maximize and beautify your space.