Detail Inside An Orangery / Garden Room Extension - Part 1


Once designed and built the interior of your orangery / garden room extension deserves a good deal of thought and consideration
Here is a review of some of the detail put into the interior of a large orangery

The floor is a big consideration ....  carpet, tiles, wood etc
Carpet colours fade, wood can be adversely affected, tiles can be cold and hard. For this orangery natural limestone was laid and sealed. The natural nature of the limestone means it looks 'warm' and certainly looks interesting with naturally embedded fossils etc accentuating the beauty of each individual limestone tile. Added to this the rough edging to the orangery tile floor 'softens' the look of the orangery / garden room extension



This orangery / garden room extension is connected to the house by converting a bay window of the TV room into a large indoor door opening. The orangery door opening is fed by a wonderful folding 3 door system that is smooth and easy to operate. It gives the option of opening just one door, 2 doors or 3. When the 3 doors are open the orangery and the TV room feel as one ... making the orangery even larger



The orangery light switch fittings stand out visually and thus need to look good. The 'black nickel' plug fiitings match and light switches and look good.



In contrast to the 'black nickel' wall fittings the ceiling light fittings are white plastic as chosen by the client's electrician and was not challenged. In hindsight the white fittings is considered a bad idea as they do not match the look of the orangery wall fittings and in addition, with time, the white plastic might discolour.