Detail Inside An Orangery / Garden Room Extension - Part 2

To guard against the room overheating this ornagery / garden room extension has incorporated the following defences
- Brick walls to reduce the amount of glass (as glass can cause the overheating on hot, sunny days)
- Heat reflective glass that manages to amount of heat allowed to pass through the glass
- Tall ceiling height to enable heat to rise above human level
- Automatic roof vents placed in the roof that open to let excess heat escape. These also close when required


To provide centrally positioned ceiling lighting, contemporary looking traditional ceiling lanterns are installed. These are controlled by a dimmer switch so you can adjust the 'mod' in the organgery. The orangery lanterns are of larger size so they do not look 'lost' in this large room. Dimmable energy efficient bulbs ensure energy is not wasted.


There is of course a great variety of door handle styles from which to choose. This garden room extension is fitted with black contemporary door furniture that is not too modern looking but looks solid and large .. again in proportion to the size of the orangery / garden extansion


To restrict the sight of the house that is closely positioned next door quite a lot of brick walling is used and is intersperced by 3 windows. To soften the look of the windonws arched tops were designed so that now these 3 extension wall windows are in fact a wonderful feature. Being made of wood the window and decorative moulding is designed to match the orangery room perfectly


Part three of our tips on how to design and fit the interior of your orangery / sun room extension will follow soon
Meanwhile contact us if we can help with your orangery / conservatory, garden room extension