Detail Inside An Orangery / Garden Room Extension - Part 3


Where an orangery / sun room extension is being added to the side of a house and French doors are being converted to an internal window it is often desirable to make a feature of the internal window by creating an arched top. Ideally this arched to would be matched by similar shaped windows.



When creating an arched top internal window one can then find space to house the underfloor heating equipment/manifold etc. Obviously the underfloor heating equipment can be housed elsewhere but it is so much more convenient to be housed in the actual orangery and as, when it is running,  it is bearly audible it is not noticable



Choosing the right layout of light switches is important .. try to resist the temptation of allowing the electrician to proceed without consultation!  Make sure they are placed in places to suit your convenience and not the elctrician's, and don't forget you can have 2 or three switches serving the same light. You may however be limited to one dimmer switch per light
Also the design of light switches is important. Most seem to go for dark mountings as shown here rather than white


Remember a taller than normal orangery is often desirable. The one shown here is 165 inches tall. It makes the area feel wonderfully spacious, absorbes more sound and helps keep the room cool during hot summer days as the hot air rises above  head height

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