Differences between an orangery and a conservatory

Although the differences between a Conservatory and an Orangery are not so apparent any more, there are things that do set them apart. With bespoke options of orangeries and conservatories being preferred these days, the differences have become quite subtle. This means that an orangery can look like a conservatory and the other way round. If you are planning an extension, you can have complete control over the look of your extension the way you want it.

Orangeries were traditionally quite grand. The main difference between the two is that orangeries of today are seen in smaller homes. These are glazed structures that appear more or less like conservatories. The basic difference that does set them apart is that a Conservatory roof is all glass while that of an Orangery has a solid roof perimeter with the center having a glazed area called the lantern. Another difference between the two is that Conservatory walls comprise glass in a frame. Orangery walls can include floor-to-ceiling glass, usually with brick pillars.


  • A completely glazed roof
  • High proportion of glazed surfaces
  • Minimum brickwork

  • Comparatively more brickwork/solid structure
  • Roof lantern in place of a fully glazed rooftop
  • Looks close to a traditional extension of a home

These are more or less the differences between a conservatory and an orangery.

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