Elements involved in a planning a new conservatory or orangery

Budget: It is the prime condition as everything falls into place once the budget is set and there is an idea about the costs involved.

Other factors such as Guarantees, hidden costs, discounts and Insurance also need to be studied well.

Use: Intended use of the extra space is important. Nowadays these extensions  (conservatories, orangeries etc) are put into use as anything from a kitchen to a living room. The purpose should hence be clear.

Standard vs bespoke: Whether you want to go for the traditional options or want a bespoke design (A bespoke designed orangery / conservatory usually costs more)

Preferred material:
·         Aluminium
·         Wood
·         uPVC
·         Brick
·         Stone

Style of windows and doors and lantern: There are a number of options available. 

Interior decorations: Depends on individual tastes and requires thorough planning.

Flooring: Different options available. Beware - many laminated floorings fade in colour in sunshire

Climate control is an important consideration since you want your new space to be of comfortable use all year round.

Glazing options:

·         Glass or plastic
·         Solar flex
·         U value
·         Self-cleaning
·         Tinted
·         Spacer bars
·         Beading

Provision for managing rainwater: Essential to consider this aspect early on in the orangery / conservatory build project

Landscaping around the project: A new conservatory or orangery looks disappointing if the surroinding area is in a mess. Terracing, landscaping etc are desirable

Regulations: Building regulations, Planning requirements, Health andSafety Regulations (April 2015) are important considerations.Building durability

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