Get Advice and Guidance from the orangery and conservatory experts


Getting a conservatory or orangery built is a long process that requires careful planning and research as there are a number of elements involved.
If you are working on a tight budget, prioritising your requirements is very important.
At Orangery Solutions we can guide you through the entire process so that you get exactly the kind of orangery or conservatory that you wanted and do not fall prey to substandard materials and wrong suggestions. Our experts take you through the entire process smoothly so that you get exactly what you needed.
A thorough assessment is necessary before planning the design and look. Here our experts assess the area available, the look of your building to ascertain what type of materials are to be used and what style will perfectly complement the look of your home. After the assessment is through, we discuss the requirements, likes and design details in depth.
We then produce 2D and 3D plans and sketches to confirm the design. At this point we also fix up on the internal climate control system and help produce building specifications.
When it comes to conservatory/orangery designs the options are almost unlimited as each creation is bespoke and made to meet your spcifi requirements. The use of materials includes different materials such as timber, aluminium and uPVC. We can advice you on the suitability of these materials for you and which are the best options. We also help you get an unbiased look at market place and help you understand costs and ‘discounts’ available that will be in your best interests.
Conservatory/orangery building may or may not require planning and building permissions. We provide thorough advice on all these regulations and help sort out issues if any. Conservatory or orangery designing is a substantial investment and a major change to the look of your home. We ensure that your project is not restricted by some limited range of options offered by certain contractors.
Our experience will help you filter through the best contractors so as to ensure complete value for money. Follow the link to know more about our Advisory Service.