How important is the position of your orangery / conservatory?

The position of your orangery /  conservatory is an important consideration. Many factors come into play while designing your orangery / conservatory.
The position of your orangery / conservatory will determine its exposure to sunlight. This exposure to sunlight decides how you can use your orangery /  conservatory and what kind of temperature control system you will need. The ideal placement  set up that is one that faces the south-east or south-west. This ensures that your orangery /  conservatory gets sunlight for a good part of the day, but at the same time will get time to cool off.
A north-facing structure will be cooler as exposure to direct sunlight is less. This means your orangery / conservatory will not overheat on warm days. However, during the winter it will need insulation and heating to make it usable during winter.
An orangery / conservatory that faces the south will get direct sunlight for the most part of the day. While being the ideal direction for winter, summer could be a problem as these will get uncomfortably warm.
An east-facing  orangery /  conservatory gets early morning sunlight and makes a great breakfast room. Depending on the temperature of your location, heating or double-glazing could be required as for the major part of the day will not receive any sunlight. The exact opposite is true for orangeries / conservatories that face west. These are perfect for regions that receive less sunlight.
The direction that your conservatory faces majorly affects your ventilation, heating, and flooring choices. Hence while planning your conservatory, its placement needs due consideration.
Another consideration is the view afforded by your orangery / conservatory. The set up needs to be positioned to best appreciate any view. Positioning issues such as higher roof line if upwards views are to be appreciated; wider views if prospectives are to be appreciated etc
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