Orangery as a Kitchen Extension


An orangery is a useful and effective addition to a home. It is an extension that beautifully brings in your outdoors for you to enjoy. It is functional and charming and can be used as almost any room in the home. While a conservatory incorporates more glass in the structure, an orangery is closer to an extension with its perimeter flat roof and a central glazed lantern. It has more brickwork or stonework and less glazing comparatively, which makes it better insulated. More insulation means comfortable to use all year-round.
An orangery can be bespoke to suit the design of your home. In these days when dining is in the kitchen instead of in the dining room an orangery kitchen extension makes a great and cost effective option solution to the issue of the need for more space and living area in the kitchen.
An orangery is functional all year round and hence is the perfect solution for a kitchen. The cooking area has a perfect space under the brickwork while the extending area can accommodate a seating area to give you a spacious kitchen. An orangery kitchen will be bright and airy, will give great 'exposure' to your outdoors and can be large enough to fit in a good number of people.
A kitchen with dining is one of the most informal of the spaces in the home that is meant not just for cooking, but also for socialising, working, helping with homework and more. 
An orangery increases the value of your home considerably. An orangery transforming a kitchen to provide space for entertaining and dining with a view will take it even further up.
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