Orangery Design Ideas for a Cosy Hangout Space

An orangery is often blessed with an abundance of natural light and has an airy and yet cozy appeal. Finding the right furniture and accessories that will create the perfect sunroom ambiance is very important. An orangery can be any room you wish for it to be, a cozy breakfast space or a casual space for family meals, or an amazingly comfy hangout space loaded with comfortable soft furnishings. It is so versatile that it can practically adapt to any room you want.
·         If you are looking at creating a hangout spot what will best suit the interiors? For an orangery to be comfortable all year round, cozy textures, throws, pillows, and blankets are must-haves.
·         A quiet reading nook could suit well in a hangout place. A comfortably stuffed chair with a small table to hold your cup of coffee is all you need for your reading nook to be cozy enough to spend hours in.
·         An orangery with some houseplants can be a soothing addition to an orangery.
·         A fresh and vibrant coat of paint on a statement wall with the rest slightly subtle can be comforting. Or indeed a striking large picture as shown with the news item. What adds well to the comfort and appeal is a plush rug, always a welcome one to sink your feet into the softness.
·         While the choice of furnishings is a personal choice, do consider wicker for a casual outdoor feel. Wicker offers a cozy sit down option thanks to their thick cushions and yielding frames. For an orangery that is completely climate controlled, it is often better to avoid suede or leather. Makes a great option for a controlled space! Maintenance wise cotton-polyester blends make a better upholstery choice since these are strong and durable, very easy to clean, and not so susceptible to moisture damage.
·         Rustic farmhouse style furniture and soft furnishings work very well in an orangery. The simple structure, distressed appeal of wood makes this kind of furniture a perfect inclusion in a sunroom while offering plenty of visual interest. This furniture also allows you to play around with textures and other details and the abundant light just adds to the entire appeal. So if you are looking for a space that is warm and inviting as also laid-back which a hangout space calls for, this is the perfect kind of furniture.
These are just a few of some winning ideas to create the perfect orangery ambiance for a cozy, comfortable, and inviting space. An orangery offers a perfect blend of your indoor and outdoor with large windows and great views. All you need is to dress it up beautifully to make it one of the most loved spaces in your home.