Orangery planning and design

Orangeries provide a great garden room extension that can be used all year round. The best part about an orangery is that it can be used more like a solid extension as compared to a conservatory. It makes an elegant addition to the property and at the same time usually elevates its monetary value.
At Orangery Solutions, we have very versatile ideas for your Orangery, no matter how you plan to make use of it. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary orangery design we can suggest some great design options. At Orangery Solutions UK, we help with the planning process of your Orangery right from the very beginning till the end. Here is how our design and planning works:

Design Stage: The design process starts only after thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and ideas.

Survey: We then conduct a site survey for measurements and to confirm the positioning of the orangery, its doors, and windows, etc depending on the intended use of the space.

Plan: After these preliminaries, we outline a detailed plan and prepare the drawings. The drawings help visualize the final orangery.

Planning Permissions: We help with the requisite Planning Permissions and Regulations. Although these are exempt from stringent planning laws, there are a few rules and regulations and the design has to fit within these parameters.
Materials: We provide unbiased opinions about the use of materials. Using quality materials in the first place will avoid unnecessary troubles for you in the future. We try our best to avoid cost-cutting when it comes to the quality of materials.

Once these initial details are sorted we prepare our proposal which generally includes the following:

Project design
Concept drawings
Planning and building regulation applications
Suggested associated ground and building work
Material suggestions
Superstructure and building work
New openings in the existing property
Electric fixtures including wall sockets and lighting
Installation of electric or wet underfloor heating systems or radiators
Tiles or wood laminate flooring (including engineered block) etc

We then proceed to the building stage. Once constructed you will want to consider orangery interior designs and we can help there too!

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