Orangery Roof Lanterns: What makes these so Important?

A roof lantern in architecture is an element that lets natural light into the space underneath. An orangery roof lantern is an integral part of the orangery design and gives it an elegant and unique appeal. Apart from being aesthetically appealing there are other reasons why this makes a great addition to your orangery and these reasons are listed here:

  •      Allows more natural light into the property
  •      Natural light in the home means reduced energy costs
  •      The implied extra height adds a grand visual appeal from the inside
  •      Roof lanterns are thermally efficient and help keep the space warmer for longer
  •      Modern roof lanterns come with advanced glazing and sealing techniques
  •      The use of high performance insulated glass and sealants reduce energy loss
  •      Roof lanterns can be constructed using uPVC, wood, or aluminium
  •      These provide great views of the outdoors.

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