Planning an Orangery

An Orangery is one of the most valuable additions to a home. Somewhere in between a conservatory and a solid extension, an orangery gives you the best of both worlds. An Orangery is often  an ideal option if you need some added living space in your home, be it living, dining or whatever. Orangeries, traditional or contemporary, give you all the advantages of a conservatory in that you get lots of light, often a great view of your garden and at the same time appear to be a more natural continuation of the design of your home. An orangery is a practical extension that is more practical and can be used all year round. While hiring a professional is the best course of action, it is always better to know the basics well. If you are planning an orangery extension in your home, here are a few tips to help you get it right:

An orangery may not fall under stringent planning permissions. It could be considered a permitted development subject to restrictions like the following:
·         It cannot cover more than 50% of the area of land around the house
·         It should not be higher than the tallest part of the roof
·         Should not extend beyond the back wall of the house
by more than four metrers for an attached house or by more   than six metres for a detached house
Building Regulations
There are certain regulations that limit glazing. Getting your plans check through a building control expert is always better to be in the safer side. Your design company can provide you guidance regarding the same.

Conservation Area or Listed Building
In case your home is listed, you will need to apply for separate consent.
The purpose of building an orangery should be clear from early on. It should be practical and you should be able to use it all year round. Knowing the purpose will define the shape and size of the room and other design and interior details.

Once the planning permissions, consent, and orangery design company are sorted, the design is the next consideration. You should try and match the orangery design and materials used to the original look of your house as much as possible. The options these days are many. You have the sleek modern aluminium designs, to PVC ones or the timeless timber look. You have options to choose from to suit your home design be it contemporary or classic.
Make the most of your Orangery
The choice of doors is important for this. For a traditional orangery, French doors add to the appeal while for contemporary ones, folding doors that open up the room to the garden is a great choice.

Glazing is the most important decision to make as it determines the use of your conservatory all year round. There are several glass options and choosing the right one especially for the roof ensures that your space can be used well the entire year. You also have the option of self-cleaning glass which helps in easy maintenance of your conservatory. 

 Apart from this, the right heating and ventilation systems are important to make your orangery useful all year round.

These are some of the tips that you can keep in mind whilst planning your Orangery.  

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