Small Orangery designs for compact spaces

Orangeries make a great addition to larger structures which can act as an extension as compared to a conservatory. An orangery is a better substitute for a solid extension and looks very elegant. This makes a real feature on the property that provides a light and spacious area comfortable for use all year round. But an Orangery does not necessarily need to be big.
This is the best part about an Orangery, its adaptability. A small Orangery can also make a great addition to your property and be as impactful and functional. It is the best combination of a Conservatory and a solid brick extension. A small orangery can offer the perfect solution to add extra space to your home. It can be utilised as a space to relax or entertain.
Since the building costs involved are less, you may even find you can 'go big' with the décor! Orangeries are versatile and functional and can be used all year round.
Orangeries are often bespoke and can be customised to suit the existing look of your property. So you have a free hand to choose your preferred shape, size, roof-style, etc.
If you are looking at getting a small Orangery for your space do contact us