Various Uses of a Orangery

An orangery traditionally during the 17th to the 19th century was a room dedicated to protecting orange trees and other fruit trees during the winter. It served as a larger version of a greenhouse or conservatory. But, as is true for almost everything, an orangery has also evolved a great deal over the years in terms of the design and its use

An Orangery can be put to multiple uses all thanks to the innovative designs of today. An Orangery is a great way of adding more space to your home. The modern designs give you the freedom to use it the way you wish

True to its true purpose, there have been instances of the orangery being used to create an indoor garden or to grow vegetables. But nowadays it is most commonly used as a living room, dining room or other large light living space. Oh and yes it can be filled or part filled with plants and even otrange trees to create your own small getaway space

 The design of an orangery means it can be used all year round as there is much less glass and more solid walls than a conservatory ... thus presenting a less extreme environment than a conservatory offers.  It also usually offers more daylight due to the used of a roof lantern, than a normal extension with or without bifolding doors

Due to its attributes an orangery is very versatile in terms of use

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