What Are the Benefits of Having a Conservatory/Orangery?

A conservatory has a number of long term as well as short term benefits.
Here are a few:-
·         A conservatory/orangery adds to the value and appeal of the property. This becomes a very welcoming space through which you can enjoy your outdoors to the fullest. If you ever have plans of reselling your home a good conservatory might be an added bonus in terms of getting a good resale value.
·         A conservatory/orangery is geared to be useful throughout the year. So no matter what the weather, your conservatory will provide you a comfortable space all year round.
·         The most obvious of the benefits is the space that it adds to your home. The best part about a conservatory/orangery is that it can be turned into any room in your home. You can turn it into a living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining or anything else that you wish it to be.
·         Depending on what you are looking at, a conservatory/orangery can offer a simpler alternative to building a solid extension. Conservatories are cheaper and do not always need planning permission.
·         With a conservatory/orangery there are plenty of design options. There are a number of traditional designs and then there are material options as well such as Aluminium/PVC/wood etc. You also have structural options such as full floor-to-ceiling windows that will give you a full view of the outdoors, or you can incorporate brick walls and select the height of the conservatory walls as per your choice.
·         If you are looking for a space that is peaceful and relaxing, a conservatory/orangery is the best space for that.
A conservatory/orangery is a special place to be and provides you with a warm and welcoming environment. Contact us for help to caonsider the options available if you plan to invest in one.