What exactly is a sunroom?

A sunroom is often considered as a conservatory with a solid tile or slate roof and ceiling.  It is an extension with lots of windows that allows you to enjoy the sight of outdoors. A sunroom can be an attached or integrated extension. This makes a good option for those who need an extension to their home to create more space. It can be used at any time of the year comfortably. 
Depending on the purpose a sunroom must be designed to ensure minimum loss of to the existing internal rooms of the house. Sunrooms can be custom-designed to suit the design of the home. Unlike with many of the cheaper conservatories there are no such fixed designs. This extension is usually found on the side or back of the house. In many cases the patio is used as a base for the room.
These usually sit on brick or wood bases that support the large glass or plastic panels. Screens and sliding glass doors are usually installed for those who prefer to enjoy their outdoors to the fullest.
If you are looking at adding functionality, value and added space, a sunroom is a good option. Besides, these are affordable and relatively easy to maintain too. Visit us at Orangery Solutions for bespoke sunroom extension designs.