Why many prefer a bespoke conservatory design or orangery design

When it comes to a home extension many opt for a conservatory or an orangery.
For decades, orangeries and conservatories were made in a set particular way. Whilst the conservatories came in certain traditional designs such as Georgian and Edwardian style, Gable style, Lean-to conservatories etc. they had limited variation to meet clients' demands.

Traditional orangeries were sporting pillars and walls built of brick. Often these were bigger than a conservatory but with a solid roof perimeter having a glazed central area called a lantern.
An orangery can be used more like an extension as compared to a conservatory. This can be used in more ways than one and as also any room in the home. An orangery makes an elegant feature on the property, adding considerably to its value. The traditional construction makes it less vulnerable to environmental changes. However, as with conservatories, the scope for varigating designs was limited.

Modern construction materials and methods have enabled to existance of many more bespoke orangery designs to more closely match the users' requirements.

A traditional orangery comes with a considerable amount of brickwork such as brick pillars. But for modern properties that do not have the traditional look, a traditional orangery style will not look like a seamless blend with the property. A bespoke design will enable the orangery to far better blend in with the property's features and meet the clients' requirements for light, views, space, convenience and environment.

There is easy access to bespoke options these days with more and more companies offering customized orangery designs to suit the look of your home. Orangery Solutions, UK provides such bespoke service where you get to design your own orangery the way you want it.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary orangery design we can advise. Get in touch with us for more details.